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Soldotna Community Playground
It takes a great community to build a great playground!

Our community playground builds a sense of accomplishment, helps people form new friendships, fosters a sense of community pride and enables generations to connect.

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Wanna Play? You can!
Soldotna Community Playground has been built and is ready for play!! Come on out and see what our generous community has accomplished together. You will be amazed at the creative, fun, imaginative and beautifully designed play equipment. Watch your children and grandchildren romp, laugh and PLAY.

Soldotna Community Playground Opening Day

Soldotna Community Playground (SCP) is a non-profit group of dedicated volunteers who brought an amazing new playground to our community. The playground was designed by kids and built entirely by volunteers. Our 501 (c) (3) status is under Bridges Community Resource Network.

The playground is located at Soldotna Creek Park, just off the Sterling Hwy in downtown Soldotna. It is custom-built and is infused with local culture, wildlife and history.

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Donations are still needed to help us reach our fundraising goals as we are still a little short of what's needed.

Here's three ways you can help your community!


Buy playground equipment! You can sponsor slides, swings, monkey-bars, climbers and more!! Click here for more information

At this time we are no longer selling pickets.  Many thanks to the SOHI shops students for  routing all the pickets.  We greatly appreciate your support!"


Make a cash donation or donate tools, children's arts & crafts supplies, or food, to support the building of the playground May 3-9. For more information, please Click Here.
    Click Here To Download & Print Out Donation Form


Soldotna Community Playground was recently recognized as Volunteer Organization of the Year by the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce. We are honored to receive such wonderful recognition of our efforts to bring this amazing new playground to our community.


Soldotna Community Playground worked with internationally recognized playground designers and playground safety experts Leathers & Associates from upstate New York. Leathers has worked on almost 2,000 projects throughout all 50 states and 7 countries. Seward, Girdwood, Talkeetna and Juneau have also successfully built custom made playgrounds with Leathers.

Soldotna Park Schematic can be viewed here.

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